Healing Sessions


Therapeutic Yoga   ///   $95 | 60 minutes

An effective practice for recovering from injury or illness. A combination of restorative yoga postures, gentle movement, breathwork, hands-on healing, and guided meditation intended to help you reduce stress and bring balance back to your body.

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In-Person Reiki  ///  $95 | 60 minutes

  Reiki is a gentle, deeply relaxing, light-touch healing technique that helps quiet your mind, calm your nervous system, restore your life force energy and raise your vibrations. When your life force energy is in balance and flowing freely, you are better equipped to manage stress, recover from injury and fight illness or addiction. During a session, you will be laying down comfortably, fully clothed, open minded and relaxed (you may even fall asleep).

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Distance Reiki  Session  ///  $60 | 30 – 45  minutes

A distance session is perfect for those who can’t meet in person but want to enjoy the benefits of Reiki energy healing. Whether you choose to relax and tune in, or continue on with your day, you will be sent Reiki energy at a specific time which will work its way throughout your physical and energy bodies to the place it is most needed. These sessions can be just as powerful as meeting in person.

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