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Full Moon in Aries // 09.27.15

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September 27th 2015 will be a night to remember. Not only will we be presented with a Supermoon, but it will also be a Blood/Harvest moon and it will be paired with a total lunar eclipse!! It is also the closest the moon will be to Earth this year, and it will be the last lunar eclipse of 2015. Sound intense? It will be. 

This full moon in Aries arrives like the emperor charging in with his chariot ablaze. He is a warrior, a conquerer, and he is tired of waiting. In his path he clears obstacles one by one with bravery and passion fueling his heart. Now is not the time for self-doubt and fear, we must be brave like the emperor and embrace the changes coming. For many of us, we have been preparing, dreaming, making lists, analyzing, carefully calculating…finally the time has come for action.

Lets all take a moment to think back to April of this year (new moon in Aries). What were our intentions? What were the big dreams that we felt were so impossible, yet so close to us? Aries has come full circle now and this annual Full moon in Aries will be supported greatly by many planets sitting in other fire signs. We will be filled with passion, drive, and clarity. Decisions to finally end one project and began another will take place. 

For those of us that find ourselves in limbo, situations and truths come in with a vengeance. They come into our lives to wake us up, to shake up our complacent attitudes. We have been in limbo for far too long, fear and uncertainty have held us back from our own potential. We needed something to encourage us to find our own inner strength and finally take the leap.  This is not about impulsive decision-making and radical rebellion, but more about discovering the courage and faith to make the first step.

This full moon stirs up passion and movement in us all, so it is wise to remember that the Sun sits in the beautiful partnering sign of balanced Libra. While we are focused on our lives and charging our paths, let it not be at the expense of our relationships (business, family, or personal). This is a great time to practice bravery, which is standing up for what is right, in a diplomatic way. It is delivering the truth that others may not want to hear with compassion, it is learning to be assertive in our decision-making not combative and aggressive, which can stir unwanted chaos. 

If we are brave enough to start following a path that we know is true to ourselves then we will feel less likely that we must justify or convince others that we are right. Within our truest self, we will find that we can conquer our biggest obstacles and achieve our highest dreams. 

*as always, this post was written by our lovely lunar contributor, Monica Lily. 

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Positive Goal Setting

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The New Moon over the weekend has us really amped for a fresh start and a bit more routine. Although we are already growing toward the Full Moon, we can still access the lunar energy and use it to our advantage. With the New Moon in Virgo we are focusing on bringing our dreams to life. Now is the time to set realistic goals and start chipping away at the list. We love making organized lists and the rewarding feeling that comes when you cross things off! (Anyone else add things like “shower” just to feel like you’ve done something productive or is that just a new mom thing?) Don’t get caught up in the need to be perfect, just get started, its always the hardest part! Our stellar Lunar contributor, Monica Lily, gives us some helpful tips on how to make lists and set simple, realistic goals without getting overwhelmed. 


Lists, lists, and more lists 

In making lists, vision boards, or written goal setting it is essential that positivity is projected. Positive wording, self-love and no shaming phrases are key. 

Example“Eat plenty of veggies today” vs. “No more donuts!!!”  

    “Try a healthy recipe!” vs. “Never ever ever ever eat fast food”

    “Find a physical activity that brings me joy” vs. “Lose 10lbs in 2 weeks”


How to make a simple Goal Setting List without feeling overwhelmed.
1 // Make three columns
2 // Label first column “I would like to change”
3 // Label second columns “I would love for it to be more like.”
4 // Label third column “Simple steps”
5 // In the first column “I would like to change” list everything that seems to hold you back. Personality traits that you would like improve, relationship goals, career changes, eating habits, physical fitness, and so on. 
6 // In the second column “I would love for it to be more like…” for each comment you wrote in the first column follow it with what you desire to achieve, if you could change those aspects of your life, what would that look like? There are no wrong or right answers and you don’t have to show this to anyone if you chose. It is your personal list/assessment. 
7 // In the third and final column labeled “Simple Steps” focus on steps your can take to create the desired change. Mediate on what it is you would like to change, what that change ultimately looks like and what steps need to be taken. Write small simple steps that you can take daily, weekly, or monthly that will guide you towards the attainable goal. 
8 // When we began to feel overwhelmed, misguided, or defeated we can always refer back to the Simple Steps. Are we at least practicing a few of these each day? 
9 //  When some of the changes are implemented in your life and you began living out more of your dreams/desires, pat yourself on the back, write yourself a love letter, or make a gratitude journal, because we know it wasn’t easy, but the hard work paid off. 

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New Moon in Virgo // 09.13.15

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grounding palo santo
grounding palo santo
Artist Olafur Eliasson beauty, 1993
Artist Olafur Eliasson beauty, 1993

Nothing like a New moon in Virgo to spark a fresh new start. On September 13th, 2015 this new moon will be in the sign of perfection seeking Virgo. A Solar Eclipse in the same sign will also accompany it. While many of us are coming out of a dreamy state, we are finally starting to see some structure forming in our lives…especially in career and relationships. Our hearts are speaking to us in a language we can finally understand. Venus is coming out of retrograde during this time as well allowing beauty to start pouring in from all directions. Take a step outside, breathe in the fresh air, feel the drizzle from the sky, appreciate the Earth and air’s changing temperatures. We are surrounded by beautiful changes.

    But with pesky Virgo, there is always one flaw that seems to catch our attention. Virgo is the eternal “The Princess and the Pea”. So while surrounded by beauty, the nagging issue that keeps knocking on the door of our conscious minds is our health. What are we doing to take care of ourselves? Are we eating the food that best fuels our body, mind and spirit? Do we get lost in our enormous cup of coffee and dreams versus making our green smoothie and getting to work? The New Moon in Virgo reminds and encourages us all that our health is on the forefront. In order to achieve the dreams we have set for ourselves, we must be mentally, emotionally, and physically able to perform. What does healthy look like for me? My family? My career or relationship? Make a list; make a vision board, set small daily or weekly goals. And always remember to praise and recognize your achievements!!!! Go you!!

    During this time it is imperative that we remind ourselves that we are striving for excellence, not perfection. Virgo can be brutally critical, constantly seeking perfection in this imperfect world. So remember to not only be kind to others, but most importantly to ourselves. We might not accomplish everything on our to do list, or leave a few things unattended…but it is ok!! Tomorrow is another day. The key daily assessment is “Did I do my best today”, “Am I organized”? Virgo at her truest form is nurturing, loving, and wants the best for us all. So in this new moon occupied with a Solar eclipse in Virgo remember that the universe is on our side, make the lists, set your goals and have faith that the path is clearing.



this post was written by our lunar contributor, Monica Lily.