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Currently Crushing // 11.23.15

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JR JR "Gone" from Los Perez on Vimeo.

DANCE // To the incredibly creative and fun music video directed by Los Perez of the song “GONE” by JR JR. Wonderful work! 

DISCOVER // The luminous hand carved caves in Northern New Mexico by artist Ra Paulette. Stunning work.

SIP // On Meg from Beard and Bonnet’s Dark and Stormy in the Pumpkin Patch spiced rum cocktail this holiday season. 

STYLE // Loving the eclectic style of these traditional Japanese painting kimono’s 

DECORATE // Your coffee table needs this vintage scalloped brass bowl for keeping little bundles of sage and palo santo. Mine does!

ADORN // Swedish jeweler MIALEVIN makes gorgeous pieces of jewelry from only sapphire, gold, and silver. They’re cosmic and raw and oh so beautiful. 


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Embroidery and mixed media by Artist Ana Teresa Barboza
Embroidery and mixed media by Artist Ana Teresa Barboza

DRINK // Okay, so we love lattes. Any kind of latte, really. And this Rosehip Latte sounds so stellar we couldn’t help but share. 

INNOVATE // These Egg Shaped Burial Pods have got us clapping on so many different levels. First of all, thank-you for being environmentally conscious and second of all — the design. Cool AF.

DISCOVER // These embroidery mixed-media pieces by Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza really hit home.  

DECORATE // Negative space nail art and eyes. We’re dying.

IDEATION // The Future is Feminine. That’s all that needs to be said. 

EAT // Green Kitchen Stories always makes what I want to eat and I really want to eat these Lentil Rice Patties with Pomegranates, Dates, and Feta


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Brass Pin by CouCou Suzette
Brass Pin by CouCou Suzette

ADORN // Oh, you’re a girl? Oh, you like jewelry? So do we, and Laurel Hill’s handmade wearables are oh so darling. 

SAVOR // Heaven on earth in a cup of tea. Wildcrafted tea from Juniper Ridge (one of our favorites). The flavor is complex, minty with earthy undertones and takes you straight to a place of meditative calm and focus. 

ACCESSORIZE // Gah-Gah over these brass and enamel Lucky Blue Eye pins. 

CHILL  // Who wouldn’t have died over Tee Pee Trundle Bed as a kid? Wishing we had this to chill in now!

BE HONEST // All of these Graphic T-Shirt designs got us rolling in laughter and nodding in agreement, but “Hey, Sorry I’m Late. I Didn’t Want to Come.” really hit home.

BE EFFICIENT // This Sweeper & Funnel set from Ode to Things is the perfect twist on an everyday object. I don’t know about you, but my accuracy with a dustpan is not so great, time for a funnel! 

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Currently Crushing // 10.19.15

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EXPERIENCE // Mishka Henner created a twelve volume book called ASTRONOMICAL representing a scale model of our solar system. The width of each page represents one million kilometers! Absolutely mind blowing. 

GIFT // Designed by Cassie McGettigan and printed on an OG letterpress in Portland, Oregon. This card is filled with the perfect Egyptian Goddess imagery and symbolism of friendship and protection. Perfect for sending to a friend!

ADORN // We love jewelry, yes we do. We love jewelry, how ’bout you? Loving CACTO’s killer geometric minimalist designs.

TRAVEL // Hey, Y’all — Check out this awesome earth dome Airbnb in Joshua Tree, California. Definitely on our list of places to see and stay.

MAKE // Cara from Fork and Beans blog is always showing up with the cool. Who could resist these Vegan Googly Eyes, especially with Halloween right around the corner?

WEAR // Yep, we like minimal. We wear black. We like simple, yet sophisticated style. This Tunic Dress by Luisa Et La Luna is on point with everything that we love.


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Photographer, Carl Kleiner
Photographer, Carl Kleiner

DISCOVER // Photographer Carl Kleiner’s Postures project is a beautiful example of precision and grace. His portraits of tulips precisely supported by wire evoke form, calm, and movement all at once. 

MAKE // Anybody with little ones? This looks like a nice weekend project: DIY Colorful Paper Masks by La Maison de Lou Lou 

VISUALIZE // Artist Valerie Hammond‘s organic and poetic works on paper and wax drawings. Her sculptures are pretty damn rad too!

FORM + FUNCTION // Okay, so we’re obsessed with all things eyes but Josefin Bergström’s Eyebowl’s series is pretty killer

EAT // Dolly and Oatmeal’s in between seasons Charred Broccoli, Apple and Arugula Salad sounds perfect right about now

LISTEN // And let’s top off this week’s Currently Crushing list with a damn good low-fi garage rock by Beach Fossils

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NAVET clamp tray
NAVET clamp tray
Rylee & Cru
Rylee & Cru

DREAM // Collage Artist Merve Özaslan explores the relationship between humanity and nature with her beautiful collage work that whisks you away into her vision

FUNCTION // These simple yet impeccable clamp trays designed by NAVET — a collaborative design group based in Stockholm

STYLE // Dying over how adorable Rylee & Cru’s entire lookbook is. Do they make these in adult sizes?? We’re serious. 

// Male or female, who doesn’t appreciate boobs? Gravel and Gold’s The Boobs Pillowcase is total crush material. 

MOVEMENT // Tap dancer and choreographer Michelle Dorrance has such a rad take on the uniquely american tradition of tap dancing, we’re so stoked on her continual recognition and success

DRESS // We love the softness of this outfit paired with the nice pop of color on this simple tee from Reformation


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Currently Crushing // 09.21.15

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Studio Fludd, Slow Wood
Studio Fludd, Slow Wood

PLAY // Creators of Slow Wood, Studio Fludd is a multidisciplinary design studio inspired by alchemy and the manipulation of matter, materials, and ideas. 

DECORATE // Falling in love with Vasanti Lackner’s ability to pair together different themed patterns and prints in such a seamless and comfortable way. We’d totally live in this house!

MAKE // These DIY Gemstone Soaps are right up our alley !!

DESIGN // Sometimes IKEA really gets it right — their wide-mouthed SITTNING spoons happens to be just that

INSPIRE // Editorial Photographer, Stephanie Gonot, reminding us that life is short, so keep it colorful should always be the winning philosophy when approaching creative projects

EAT // Oh, and Sarah over at My New Roots posted these Cauliflower Buns & Bagels over the weekend, no biggie — just totally revolutionary and all

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Currently Crushing // 09.14.15

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LISTEN // trouble sleeping? no problem. British composer Max Richter has written an eight-hour lullaby, composed to put listeners to sleep

SEE // Artist Kim Keever dumps paint into a 200-gallon fish tank of water and then takes photographs of the explosive imagery, and they’re gorgeous. 

MASSAGE // Balm + Co’s Lunar Oil to your lower abdomen before the onset of your cycle to reduce cramping and help with symptoms of PMS

MAKE // this rad DIY kids book bin to help spark your kids interest in books

RUN // these Mary Katrantzou designed adidas running shoes are killer

READ // The Great Discontent — A publication about people who create

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Currently Crushing // 09.07.15


The first week of September went by before we could blink an eye, but we did manage to crush pretty hard on a few things…

DISCOVER // Jenn Erickson – maker of functional and sculptural ceramics – we swoon over her soft pastel colored mortar & pestle sets 

PLAN // objects floating in space – sometimes my thoughts feel like this, but this planner may help corral them all 

FUNCTION // We could totally use a few of these in the kitchen. 

STYLE // Loving this gorgeous kitchen with copper accents, so much shelf envy

SEE // Artist, Shawn Huckins (from Denver, Colorado) creates satirical oil paintings influenced by design, social media, and early American portraiture. 

EXPRESS // this guy and his crocheting adventure will make you laugh, we promise!

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Currently Crushing // 08.31.15

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Study O Portable's quartz crystal mirrors
Study O Portable’s quartz crystal mirrors

DREAM // This adorable camper bunk bed set up to drive off to dreamland in 

DISCOVER // Design studio Study O Portable’s quartz crystal mirrors

SUPPORT // Sunday Supper’s new line of carefully sourced essential kitchen ingredients, ILA 

WEAR // when you feel like a heel

EAT // garlic turmeric sauce over warm fingerling potatoes? Mouthwatering dish by Dolly and Oatmeal

SEE // Artist Matthew D. Ward’s amazing totem vase