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Embroidery and mixed media by Artist Ana Teresa Barboza
Embroidery and mixed media by Artist Ana Teresa Barboza

DRINK // Okay, so we love lattes. Any kind of latte, really. And this Rosehip Latte sounds so stellar we couldn’t help but share. 

INNOVATE // These Egg Shaped Burial Pods have got us clapping on so many different levels. First of all, thank-you for being environmentally conscious and second of all — the design. Cool AF.

DISCOVER // These embroidery mixed-media pieces by Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza really hit home.  

DECORATE // Negative space nail art and eyes. We’re dying.

IDEATION // The Future is Feminine. That’s all that needs to be said. 

EAT // Green Kitchen Stories always makes what I want to eat and I really want to eat these Lentil Rice Patties with Pomegranates, Dates, and Feta


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Full Moon in Taurus 10.27.15 // Mellow Moon Tea

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With all the weird energy going on, it’s hard not to wonder whether the full moon may be adding fuel to the fire. Energy is amplified during a full moon so you want to be conscious and calm as you promote a positive intention. Preparing this healing cup of tea is a ritual in itself, giving you time to be quiet with yourself and mindful with your actions. Chamomile is supportive, soothing and grounding. Hibiscus adds a fruity flavor (as well as antioxidants) and vanilla rounds it out with a creamy depth. Allow the simple act of sipping tea to become a meditation. This full moon is the last Supermoon of 2015. The intense energy makes it a great time to evaluate the seeds you planted during the new moon and to look deeply to find ways to adapt to any challenges you’ve been facing. 

We love indulging in a simple tea ritual during the full moon, and how appropriate is it that this full moon is in the earth loving sign of Taurus? Not only do the ingredients in this tea reflect the grounding nature of Taurus’ energy, but the entire act of making tea allows you to participate in a simple healing process, leaving you deeply rooted and aware before you’re even finished with a full cup. Go ahead, brew up an entire pot. Put on some good tunes and let your mind reflect on the past month, or few. Be slow, be thorough, be determined. Through Taurus’ push and pull you will find balance.

Sip slowly, breathe deeply, and enjoy the last beautiful Supermoon of 2015.