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Therapeutic Yoga

A combination of restorative yoga postures, gentle movement, hands-on healing + guided meditation intended to help you reduce stress + bring balance back to your body.  An effective practice for recovering from injury or illness.

This mindful movement practice requires no prior experience + is beneficial to people of any age. Supported with blankets, bolsters + blocks, each pose allows you to to open your body + deepen your connection to yourself.

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Breathwork is an active meditation technique that facilitates the release of pent up emotions that are creating blocks in your life, preventing you from self healing. It involves a specific breathing pattern that helps move stuck energy, open your heart, connect with your intuition + process unresolved pain.

Breathwork is an incredible + powerful tool for shifting your perspective + breaking lifetime cycles of depression, addiction, pain, stress, anger + grief.

changing the patterns of breathing helps restore the stress response systems, calm an agitated mind + relieve symptoms of anxiety,



Reiki is a gentle, deeply relaxing, light-touch healing technique that helps calm your nervous system, quiet the mental chatter, restore your life force energy + raise your vibrations.

A deep connection + intuition guide me as I tune into your energy, unblocking areas of stagnation, lingering tension, pain, trauma + exhaustion.

When your energy is in balance + flowing freely, you are better equipped to manage stress, fight anxiety + depression + recover from injury,  illness, + addiction.

By cleansing the mind-body + encouraging self-awareness, this energetic experience helps heal emotional wounds, open the heart to gratitude + self-love + bring clarity into your life.

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