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Sabrina Rollo is a grateful mother of two, a Gemini + a healing arts practitioner with a passion for intentional living, mindful movement + energetic wisdom.

A dancer since the age of 3, Sabrina never fell out of love with the art of movement. She studied injury prevention + care for dancers in college, earning a degree in Dance Science + performed professionally as a modern dancer. While making the transition into Motherhood, Sabrina found a new comfort + ease in yoga. More than just a physical exercise, practicing + training to teach yoga during such a transformative time helped Sabrina begin the journey inward, leaning into the big questions + listening openly for answers. This led Sabrina to study + become certified in Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki + Breathwork.


Vigor + Sage is currently my social journal + a landing place for information about services I offer. In the past it has been a food + wellness blog. Who knows, it may just find its way back there one day.  For now, enjoy cruising through. Feel free to connect with any questions or to book a session.