Hibiscus Hair Rinse

Admittedly, I do not have much of a routine when it comes to my hair. I wash it when I can (Mamas, you know how it is) a comb through when I think about it, and some bobby pins to hide the fringe I’m growing out (how do I always forget fringe is not for me). Honestly, that pretty much sum it up. I may throw it in a bun on the occasional date night. Anyway, you get the idea — very low maintenance (too low perhaps, sorry Geoff). Its not that I don’t care, because I do.. I mean we all do on some level. I just can’t keep up (or choose not to, I suppose) with the maintenance. What matters is inner beauty, right? Right! When we treat our inner bodies with kindness and care (I’m talking food, water.. and yes, even that inner voice) it definitely shows on the outside.

Keeping with the edible flowers theme I’ve been working on with my gal pal Meg (Beard and Bonnet) today I’m introducing you to a magical benefit of HIBISCUS. Not only is this flower gorgeous (it gives me all the tropical feels) its super nutritious. Hibiscus is high in Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Its tart flavor is comparable to cranberry and is most often enjoyed as a tea.

The benefits of Hibiscus go beyond the internal body. The moisture rich properties of Hibiscus help hydrate your skin and hair keeping dry skin and dandruff at bay. Some even believe Hibiscus can help slow down premature greying. WHAT? This is news to me! If its news to you too, you’re going to be as stoked as I am to learn about the EASIEST, SIMPLEST way to use Hibiscus to get SHINY, HEALTHY, HYDRATED hair minus chemicals, salon visits or even weird ingredients (not down with those mad scientist masks.. me either). We’re talking day two hair on day one! SUPER SIMPLE, trust me.



1 TBSP dried hibiscus flowers

2 C water

Glass or metal container (avoid plastic as it can melt or leach unwanted chemicals)


Boil water, pour over dried hibiscus flowers and let steep. Once cooled, strain out flowers and transfer to a pourable container. I used a glass pitcher first and it worked just fine but feel free to treat yourself with a beautiful spray bottle or glass jar.

Shampoo if desired, then pour the hibiscus tisane over your hair and let it rinse out. Enjoy manageable, shiny, great smelling hair!

** sidenote: The hibiscus tea will be a bright red and could possibly stain. I’m brunette and had no problem, but if you’ve paid a lot of money for blonde/white/frosty hair..  be cautious.