An update + a sign from the Universe

Lately, I’ve been in a daze, a weird grey fog. Oddly, Its felt both chaotic and melancholy. These last few months have been intense but healing. Here I am, two+ months later, finally stepping into the light.

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Amidst the hustle of the holidays, the Universe granted me a mind-altering, brilliant experience — a reiki session with a gifted and genuine healer, Brook Albrigo. Briefly, reiki is form of alternative medicine that facilitates healing by strengthening or balancing one’s energetic life force. This is quite an extensive topic but let me go in just a bit deeper to help you understand. In addition to our physical body elements — muscles, bones, nerves, etc., our body is composed of a subtle energy system. This system is comprised of energy “bodies” that surround our physical body and help us process thoughts and emotions. The energy bodies have centers called chakras (sometimes referred to as “wheels”) that help our life force flow freely through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. When our life force is vibrant, we feel healthy but when it is low or blocked, we are more likely to develop health issues (these can range from minor ailments to major health concerns). Negative thoughts and feelings, such as fear, anger and anxiety can get stuck in our subtle energy system. This constant, unreleased stress reduces the body’s ability to repair and protect itself naturally. Reiki promotes healing through deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension in both the physical and subtle bodies.

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The session itself was very relaxing and peaceful. I came in with some lingering negative emotions that I wanted to release and walked out feeling cleansed and ready to move forward. (I swear it was just like that. I was almost skipping to my car). That night I slept deeply and had vibrant dreams (which is rare for me these days with a newborn). The next morning I felt energy but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. As the day went on, the intensity of this energy started to build. Eventually tears poured down my face and I knew there was a shift happening. I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t overwhelming at first because it was. Emotions were coming up left and right. I reached out to Brook who reminded me that things would continue to unfold as the reiki moved through me. She advised me to be gentle with myself as I worked through my blocked chakras.

The cleansing was intense but necessary. I took an honest look at my life and rid myself of things (clothes I was holding onto, commitments I dreaded, even some relationships) that were unnecessary and unhealthy. At one point, I even came down with the most horrific stomach bug —I could hold nothing down, it was all coming up, literally purging everything. Nothing is coincidental, am I right?

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I wish I could say it was all easy, but it wasn’t. Digging deep and bringing up things you’ve worked your whole life to bury is hard work! There was a lot of anger, insecurity and tears. I can honestly say, though, that the experience has made me a better person. Not only do I feel more connected and compassionate toward myself, I am able to extend that energy to others. I plan on going into more depth in the (near) future about the benefits of reiki and what I did to help bring myself into balance, but for now, just an update to get these thoughts out.

Rachel also received a reiki session with Brook. Her session, although long distance, was powerful and left no doubt in her mind that things in her life needed to shift as well. I can only support Rachel in her choice to leave Vigor + Sage to pursue her personal passion as a visual artist. You can find her work here.

Vigor + Sage will continue be an evolving space for thoughtful inspiration. As I continue to explore what that means, bear with me. I am a mother of two young and vibrant souls as well as a loving partner to a restless, creative, mountain man. It would be a lie to say I can make this my top priority at the moment, but I’m enjoying the creative outlet and the sense of ‘self’ it brings me, so onward into the future with and open heart and open mind.

Sabrina xx


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