New Moon in Scorpio // 11.11.15

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On 11-11 our New Moon will enter in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. For many of us, we have been recently feeling the grief of death or loss, figuratively and literally. For others, life has shifted and extreme new beginnings have begun. This my friends is Scorpio. Unapologetic, direct, forceful, but necessary Scorpio. This new moon reminds us that change is inevitable, and many many times it comes in ways very unexpected. One thing that we do know for sure, is that if we learn and allow ourselves to find the “surrender” then our lives can begin to unfold beautifully. This does not mean that there is not loss, or pain, or fear. But it teaches us that we can grow through it, instead of trying to run around it. When we can find ways to release the illusion of control over what we fear, and learn to trust in something, anything, greater than ourselves then we can learn to “let go”, “surrender”. It will turn into this beautiful process of rebirth rather than a devastating inner battle of struggle, hopelessness, and defeat.

If Scorpio teaches us one thing it is that we too can be the Phoenix bird, setting our lives aflame, emerging as a beautiful, strong, and willing bird that flies over our struggles, adversities and loss. It reminds us that we possess the strength and courage to look at our fears right in the face and say,”No longer will you rule my life.” When we do this, we clear our karma, our energy, and our life path. We begin to live and make decision based on love. New beautiful experiences will emerge, and when they do we give thanks. We pay our gratitude to the divine universe that has been on our side the whole time, even when we couldn’t see it. We pay gratitude to our community and tribes for being there for us, and we pay gratitude to ourselves for being human.  

While Scorpio rules death, birth, and reproduction… it also then rules sexuality. For days leading up to the New moon and days after, be prepared to feel the sexual charges and urges that Scorpio will bring. Because this sign loves secrets, and dark mysteries, do not force these urges in a corner, or be irresponsible with this energy. Instead, we should find ways to express this passion in a healthy way. Sexual energy can be very fascinating if understood. Sexuality drives us of our human needs, wants, and desires. It can help us find a healthy release, if channeled in a positive way; it can connect us to our most primal being. As the new moon rises on the 11th, howl at the moon and connect with what makes us human…sexuality, desire, love, loss, grief, and change. Death and Rebirth.

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