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Brass Pin by CouCou Suzette
Brass Pin by CouCou Suzette

ADORN // Oh, you’re a girl? Oh, you like jewelry? So do we, and Laurel Hill’s handmade wearables are oh so darling. 

SAVOR // Heaven on earth in a cup of tea. Wildcrafted tea from Juniper Ridge (one of our favorites). The flavor is complex, minty with earthy undertones and takes you straight to a place of meditative calm and focus. 

ACCESSORIZE // Gah-Gah over these brass and enamel Lucky Blue Eye pins. 

CHILL  // Who wouldn’t have died over Tee Pee Trundle Bed as a kid? Wishing we had this to chill in now!

BE HONEST // All of these Graphic T-Shirt designs got us rolling in laughter and nodding in agreement, but “Hey, Sorry I’m Late. I Didn’t Want to Come.” really hit home.

BE EFFICIENT // This Sweeper & Funnel set from Ode to Things is the perfect twist on an everyday object. I don’t know about you, but my accuracy with a dustpan is not so great, time for a funnel! 

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