Fall Cleanse to Prevent Burnout

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We’ve all been feeling it, the need to slow down. I’m hearing it from all directions — family and friends, clients, random people in the grocery store checkout line: We’re depleted. Life is just really busy right now (by right now, I mean ALWAYS!) and it’s hard to stay on top of things. When the summer heat is fanned by the gusty winds of fall, the flames grow stronger. This same concept can be said for our lives– when we just keep going and going without taking the needed time out to rest and restore, we run the risk of engulfing ourselves in chaos, eventually leading to burnout. Pushing at max speed over long periods of time can take a toll both physically and mentally, stressing our adrenals and nervous system and slowing down the body’s ability to detox. What does this all mean? It means you’re more likely to be full of all sorts of shit, yeah.. literally and figuratively. You’re more likely to get sick, miss work, use vacation time. Wouldn’t it be nice to just pause for a moment, to take a few deep breaths, get yourself together and start again when you’re ready? Although it’s not really possible to just drop everything and reboot, there are ways to promote ease and bring balance to your life.

Spring isn’t the only time for cleansing and renewal. The best time to cleanse/detox/reset is when you need it! Don’t let the word “cleanse” or “detox” intimidate you. You don’t need to starve yourself of food or pleasure to reset. We know that health and balance is a personal evolution, there isn’t a “one size fits all” magical remedy. We have found two thoughtful, well-crafted and wholesome sources offering cleanses year round to help you shed the negative and make space for the positive. We may be a bit too late to join in the community of the cleanse, but this is food for thought. Because we all know this feeling isn’t going away until we make some changes. 

We have been crushing hard on Azulie Yogic Life for months now. We love the way they bring the traditions of yoga to a modern place. Alexander + Jennifer, the husband and wife duo behind the inspirational blog are creative, conscious and educated. There are many positive things we can say about Azulie, but we will keep it relevant for this post (must. not. lose focus.) Their Fall Ayurveda Cleanse is both affordable (!) and attainable. They describe the week long cleanse as a seasonal wellness program designed to support, harmonize and restore your body through Ayurvedic inspired recipes, herbs, yoga, meditation, pranayama and self-care practices. 

Azulie Yogic Life
Azulie Yogic Life

We are lucky enough to know Claire Ragozzino, the medicine woman who created Vidya Living. Claire is not only the sweetest woman, she is incredibly educated and continues to be interested in her work. She has developed four cleanses to help get you back on track throughout the year. According to Claire, each program aligns with the seasonal transitions and emphasizes nutrition and lifestyle practices to help you reconnect your body with the rhythms of nature. Yes please!

Vidya Living
Vidya Living

Having experimented with detoxes in the past we can tell you with great confidence that any major change comes from many small changes over time. Removing things from your life for a set amount of time isn’t necessarily a good thing. Most often you jump right back in to old habits once the time is up. Both of these programs are created with nutrition and health in mind, not just a quick fix. They both offer a community of support (which is invaluable), and information to help you continue on your journey long after your cleanse. If you’ve ever been interested in a cleanse, these two are worth checking out. We can’t imagine they’d leave you feeling anything other than supported, grounded and refreshed. 

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