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Currently Crushing // 10.19.15

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EXPERIENCE // Mishka Henner created a twelve volume book called ASTRONOMICAL representing a scale model of our solar system. The width of each page represents one million kilometers! Absolutely mind blowing. 

GIFT // Designed by Cassie McGettigan and printed on an OG letterpress in Portland, Oregon. This card is filled with the perfect Egyptian Goddess imagery and symbolism of friendship and protection. Perfect for sending to a friend!

ADORN // We love jewelry, yes we do. We love jewelry, how ’bout you? Loving CACTO’s killer geometric minimalist designs.

TRAVEL // Hey, Y’all — Check out this awesome earth dome Airbnb in Joshua Tree, California. Definitely on our list of places to see and stay.

MAKE // Cara from Fork and Beans blog is always showing up with the cool. Who could resist these Vegan Googly Eyes, especially with Halloween right around the corner?

WEAR // Yep, we like minimal. We wear black. We like simple, yet sophisticated style. This Tunic Dress by Luisa Et La Luna is on point with everything that we love.


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