New Moon in Libra // 10.12.15

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Nothing like a beautifully balanced new moon in Libra to help us get back up and dust off from the intense full blood moon in Aries we all experienced. For many of us sudden changes came in forms of our health, career and relationships. On October 12th, a new moon rises in the sign of the scales…Libra. It reminds us that after the storm a peace and beauty will arise. Much like an intricate piece of blown glass or pottery, we too must be heated or placed into the fire to emerge new, polished, and reset. The storm is calming, the new moon is rising, the weather changing. It is all starting to create a beautiful picture if we allow our life to start unfolding organically.

Mercury has also gone direct, even though we are still in it’s “shadow stages”, we can finally start clearing up all the mishaps or miscommunications we had. During this last retrograde period some us we were shown aspects of our lives that really needed our attention and we can finally, honestly understand where we can began to grow.

A balanced life is a beautiful life, and Libra teaches us this. There is a time to be assertive and make those hard decisions and then is time to just BE. Fall is here, which reminds us that it is time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. For some of us, this means that our schedules will be super busy with work obligations and career advancement (especially air signs). For others, our calendars have cleared and it is time to cook a great meal for those we love, sit on the patio and just enjoy the company of those we adore. Whatever presents itself to you this new moon, just go with the tide, find the balance you need and enjoy the ride.

Let’s all try to bring balance to our relationships. This may be our partnerships at work, our family, our friends, or lovers. For those that have extra time, do something kind for those that find their schedules filled to the max. If you need help, learn to ask. If you can help, learn to give. Accept that things come and go, in and out they begin to flow.

Libra is also the zodiac sign of beauty. Now is a great time to take that hike you’ve been saying your going to take, go to an art gallery, fix up your home, get a haircut or simply sit outside and enjoy the weather. We are constantly surrounded by beauty of all mediums if we open our hearts, eyes and mind.



*as always, this post was written by our lovely lunar contributor, Monica Lily. 

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