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Currently Crushing // 09.21.15

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Studio Fludd, Slow Wood
Studio Fludd, Slow Wood

PLAY // Creators of Slow Wood, Studio Fludd is a multidisciplinary design studio inspired by alchemy and the manipulation of matter, materials, and ideas. 

DECORATE // Falling in love with Vasanti Lackner’s ability to pair together different themed patterns and prints in such a seamless and comfortable way. We’d totally live in this house!

MAKE // These DIY Gemstone Soaps are right up our alley !!

DESIGN // Sometimes IKEA really gets it right — their wide-mouthed SITTNING spoons happens to be just that

INSPIRE // Editorial Photographer, Stephanie Gonot, reminding us that life is short, so keep it colorful should always be the winning philosophy when approaching creative projects

EAT // Oh, and Sarah over at My New Roots posted these Cauliflower Buns & Bagels over the weekend, no biggie — just totally revolutionary and all

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