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New Moon in Virgo // 09.13.15

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grounding palo santo
grounding palo santo
Artist Olafur Eliasson beauty, 1993
Artist Olafur Eliasson beauty, 1993

Nothing like a New moon in Virgo to spark a fresh new start. On September 13th, 2015 this new moon will be in the sign of perfection seeking Virgo. A Solar Eclipse in the same sign will also accompany it. While many of us are coming out of a dreamy state, we are finally starting to see some structure forming in our lives…especially in career and relationships. Our hearts are speaking to us in a language we can finally understand. Venus is coming out of retrograde during this time as well allowing beauty to start pouring in from all directions. Take a step outside, breathe in the fresh air, feel the drizzle from the sky, appreciate the Earth and air’s changing temperatures. We are surrounded by beautiful changes.

    But with pesky Virgo, there is always one flaw that seems to catch our attention. Virgo is the eternal “The Princess and the Pea”. So while surrounded by beauty, the nagging issue that keeps knocking on the door of our conscious minds is our health. What are we doing to take care of ourselves? Are we eating the food that best fuels our body, mind and spirit? Do we get lost in our enormous cup of coffee and dreams versus making our green smoothie and getting to work? The New Moon in Virgo reminds and encourages us all that our health is on the forefront. In order to achieve the dreams we have set for ourselves, we must be mentally, emotionally, and physically able to perform. What does healthy look like for me? My family? My career or relationship? Make a list; make a vision board, set small daily or weekly goals. And always remember to praise and recognize your achievements!!!! Go you!!

    During this time it is imperative that we remind ourselves that we are striving for excellence, not perfection. Virgo can be brutally critical, constantly seeking perfection in this imperfect world. So remember to not only be kind to others, but most importantly to ourselves. We might not accomplish everything on our to do list, or leave a few things unattended…but it is ok!! Tomorrow is another day. The key daily assessment is “Did I do my best today”, “Am I organized”? Virgo at her truest form is nurturing, loving, and wants the best for us all. So in this new moon occupied with a Solar eclipse in Virgo remember that the universe is on our side, make the lists, set your goals and have faith that the path is clearing.



this post was written by our lunar contributor, Monica Lily. 


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