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Full Supermoon in Pisces

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Artwork by illustrator Giacomo Bagnara
Artwork by illustrator Giacomo Bagnara

On August 29th we will be gifted with the first Supermoon of 2015. This magical moon will be in the sign of intuitive, emotional, dreamy Pisces. Pisces is always depicted with two fish, each swimming in opposite direction, one upstream and one downstream, the end and the beginning. For many of us, this is a perfect visual of where we find ourselves this full moon. Chapters in our lives are closing, emotional healing and cleansing has taken place, and we know new beginnings are on the horizon yet we cannot see through our hazy dreamlike vibes, which step to take next.

In addition, Pisces is the ruler of emotions that may cause many of us to feel lost, abandoned, overwhelmed, or lonely. But we need not forget that the two fish also connect us to our dreams, our intuition, and our life’s path. This means that now is time to decide what it is we want, however large or small. It is time to trust our intuition because our dreams have spoken. This summer we had to re-evaluate our lives. Fearlessly. Answers came, what are we choosing to do with them? Are we ignoring the signs, getting distracted with our addictions and busy schedules? Are we living in our own perpetual comfortable illusions? Or do we understand that once and for all…much like the sign of the two fish, in order to come, we must first go?

In order for there to be a new beginning there must be an ending. Saturn is exiting Scorpio (which is all about death and rebirth) this month, after several years and gradually entering into Sagittarius, which then provokes the question…where do I belong? Sometimes we are looking for the path that lies ahead, when we ourselves must create a new path, not just for ourselves, but also for our community. We all hear people say, “If I only had…” “I dream that one day…” “I just wish…” well that time is now. If we honor and give our emotions direction then we will find that choice-by-choice we create the path to our own individual life’s purpose.

A positive aspect for all of us is the Sun at this time, is sitting in the organized, critical, and grounded sign of Virgo. This means that as emotional and dreamy as we are, if we pay attention, settle down, and get organized then we can and will see results. If we can learn to channel our emotions into positive productivity then we will be turning our dreams into our destinations. So on this full moon in August, allow your authentic emotions to come through and your dreams to speak to you. We hope that this full moon, you allow the tears to come, your hearts to swell, and give yourself permission to finally set your dreams free.

2 Ways we will be practicing to channel our emotions into positive productivity


Wear jewelry, visualize, or physically connect with these crystals to help guide your emotions.

Crystals can help clear, guide and absorb energy around us. They have amazing healing properties. Each is unique, and individuals have their preferences. These are our top four for this Supermoon in Pisces.

Emerald – This beautiful green crystal/gem reminds us of the heart chakra. It eases anxiety and instead of diving into the sea of despair it will help us direct our actions towards our life’s purpose.

Chrysocolla – For this Supermoon we love the blue/green Chrysocolla. It resembles the ocean and reminds us of the “two fish”.  This crystal gives us empowerment while encouraging us to practice compassion. This crystal helps calming and quieting our minds so we can hear our inner truth and wisdom.

Zoisite – This amazing crystal cultivates our creativity. It helps encourage us to find joy and gives us strength to create our own path.

Moonstone – Our number one choice for this Supermoon. This magical stone brings us love and generates peace. It also teaches us that like the stone, when we can look at ourselves under certain light, or moonlight, we can see our own inner light reflecting. It comforts us as we seek our own hidden meanings and truths.


Free Write.

Allow your mind to chill and just write, type, doodle, or sketch what comes through. The key is to put our ego aside and release judgment. What are our hopes and dreams? If we could achieve anything what would it be? What brings us the most joy? Where in my life am I living authentically? Where in my life have I really honored my intuition? What do we see in our dreams? Symbols, colors, numbers, and animals are all important.  Feel free to use a dream dictionary to help find meaning.

this post was written by our lunar contributor, Monica Lily. 


  • I love this post! I’ve been feeling the shift lately, things are slowing moving and it looks like a new chapter is about to begin. Those words are exactly what I needed right now. I can allow myself to set my intentions and embrace the changes that are about to take place. <3

  • Sophie, we are so so glad this resonated with you! We have been feeling the tides of change for a few weeks now — totally ready to set intentions, forge a new path, and leave the rest behind. Onwards!

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