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Thoughts on the New Moon

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If you’ve been following Vigor + Sage for a while you know we are into the phases of the moon, we feel the charged lunar energies and try to adjust our own to take advantage of the special time. This month’s New Moon (coming up on Friday) has us really thinking. We’ve all been there before, the moment you realize you’ve taken on too much. Yeah, it may all be awesome, great stuff, but its just too much at one time. Somehow we have told ourselves over and over again that being busy is good, its more than good — its productive!  And when we are productive we are happy and successful. But is this really true? Are you really getting to everything on that long list or are you mostly just half-assing your way through just to get it done? And what’s suffering for it? A bunch of things, I’m sure. But most importantly, You. Yes, you are suffering. All those awesome projects you’ve taken on.. are you really getting the chance to enjoy the experience? If you’re anything like us, the answer is no. The intention is there. You truly want to do all these great things– help out friends, make delicious, healthy, home cooked meals, be more artistic with your children, workout, succeed at work, find time for your partner, be Superwoman/man.. but its just not reality. Then it all backfires, we feel bad that we can’t be everything to everyone and we are disappointed with ourselves. Instead of feeling good and productive, we feel unsuccessful and overwhelmed. We are here to tell you, its okay.. you don’t have to do it all, in fact, you can’t. You’re not a Superhero and no one expects you to be, at least no one but yourself. 

We often feel the active energy of the Full Moon — but the New Moon energy is just as important! New Moons symbolize new beginnings, a blank page to create your dreams. This is a time to plant the seeds, set your intentions for the things you want to create, develop and manifest. But don’t take this the wrong way. This isn’t a time to take on MORE, its a time to decide what its IMPORTANT. Prioritize. What things do you really want to spend your time and energy cultivating? 

We have come to the realization that we can’t do it all, not very well anyway.. so we are taking a step back and using this New Moon energy to clear the air. To be truly authentic we must be realistic and transparent with ourselves. Its not always easy to know exactly what we need to focus on. In the next few days leading up to the New Moon (Friday), spend some time reflecting on what YOU need so you can be clear with your intentions. We are setting intentions to breathe, to drink more water and be more realistic with our to do list. 

There are many ways to harness the energy of the New Moon. Depending on how much time you want to devote you can spend a few moments being silent and thoughtful, light a candle and journal your thoughts, or prepare an elaborate ritual. The point is to do what’s best for you, making the space for yourself to truly commit to your intentions and listen to your internal guide.  


  • Being a week from my due date, still working full time to wrap things up before my leave, being a frantic nesting wife and mother of a two year old has been getting to me lately! This was an inspiring and scaringly relevant article to read this AM. I love studying lunar activity and sadly it’s a hobby that has moved down on my to do list due to life in general. Thanks for the update and well done piece that will serve as a reminder that I need to step back and try not to be a superhero!

  • Elise, we are so exciting for your new little one — Congratulations! We often have to remind ourselves this very thing, especially when there is so much change happening in our lives. You’re going to be such a great mama of two! Please keep sharing your thoughts with us, we are so thankful for your comments. And remember: it’s never too late to ignite your love for the moons energy xoxo

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