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Unplug // Tune in to You

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Lately we’ve been thinking a lot about time — how fast it goes, how little there is of it and how to make more for creative outlets and personally fulfilling tasks. Our days are full, don’t you agree? It feels like there isn’t a moment to spare, to catch your breath. So we use all sorts of technology to save us precious minutes, to help us gain time in some way so we have more time to do the things we want to be doing. That’s the idea anyway, right? Instead, we find ourselves wrapped up in and addicted to technology. The very thing that is meant to save us time gives us more ways to waste it. We become gratified by the constant change. We check email and social media updates, hold phone/skype meetings, shop online, set up appointments and multitask in so many ways. From your morning alarm to your family calendar you’re on a device constantly throughout the day. The moment you wake up until you’re asleep you’re connected.  But are you really tuned in

Being constantly consumed by technology is damaging to us on many levels. There is a ton of well respected research out there showing the negative effects of technology use like how staring at screens is bad for our eyes and neck muscles and how people are becoming more disconnected from one another and narcissism is on the rise. Did you know you can actually get “Blackberry/iPhone Thumb”, how ridiculous! Overuse of technology has been linked to obesity, depression, isolation, and an increase in stress, deceit and distraction to say the least.  Anyone surprised to read this? Doubtful. We know its not good for us but we keep it up anyway. We compare our lives to the curated albums of others’ and end up feeling unsatisfied and insecure. In an effort to multitask we’ve lost the ability to focus.

Its time to unplug.

Give it some thought, when was the last time you disconnected completely? When was the last time you left your phone at home and didn’t feel “naked” or fearful of missing out on something. Here’s our challenge, are you up for it? Can you disconnect from technology and reconnect with yourself? Unplug, turn things off, and find something else, something more creatively satisfying, to do. Pick up that book you started ages ago and read a few chapters. Start that project around the home you’ve been meaning to do, try out a new recipe, paint, listen to music, dance. Drink a cup of tea. Just you. Sit down with your thoughts and be truly present. Tune in to you.  We aren’t talking forever, or even a whole weekend — although that would be amazing and is definitely worth a go. Just for one night, a few hours.. give it a try. Notice what happens when you take time out to care for yourself, how satisfied do you feel? When you stop comparing your life to the lives of others you’re more likely to enjoy your own and feel grateful for what you do have. When you disconnect, you are able to see more.. more of your partner, your children, your friends, your self. See where we are going with this? YOU. Yes, you. You are deserving of your time, attention and love. When you make time for yourself you are restoring your body, mind and spirit. Don’t miss out on your life by trying to stay connected to everyone else’s. 


  • This post is so great! I find the more plugged in I am the less fulfilled I feel. I’m loving having the opportunity to "check out" for large chunks of the day the last week or so, it’s pure magic for the soul!

  • It really is magic for the soul! Sometimes it’s hard to even realize how unfulfilled you feel until you "check out" and tune in to you. So glad you have been practicing this more often — you so deserve it! xx

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