One Minute to A better Afternoon

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Here at Vigor + Sage we have a love/hate relationship with the afternoon. We love it for its potential, so much time before nightfall to get things done, be creative, take a nap. And that’s just the problem, we try to fit waaaay to much into our days and completely miss out on the energy of the afternoon. Instead we find ourselves tired, hungry (anyone else consistently skip lunch? Guilty.) and generally just worn out. By the time we get to enjoying the afternoon it’s gone and it’s time to move on to dinner and night activities. Damn, I’ll try again tomorrow.. Or hopefully I’ll have time on the weekend.   Oh the vicious cycle. C’mon, tell us we are not alone. 

We’ve vowed to stop the cycle and find ways to take back the vivacious energy of the afternoon. So for today’s noontime nourishment we’re talking movement and how to squeeze it in. Let’s not get over zealous, instead, let’s start small and create habits we can (and want to) continue. Today’s nourishment is brought to you by STAFF POSE (Dandasana for all of you technical yogis out there). Yep, that’s it — one pose. One seemingly simple pose, but man — when you do it right it makes a huge difference! This is a seated pose (remember, start small and make it attainable) and probably one you’ve done a million times without knowing.  Begin seated on a blanket, this will help lift the pelvis and lengthen the hamstrings, with the legs stretched out in front of you. It’s also helpful to sit with your back against the wall to make sure you’re in proper alignment — with your shoulders and sacrum touching the wall (not the lower back). Engage your legs, firming your thighs down toward the floor, rotating the legs slightly inward and drawing the inner thigh toward the sacrum. Lift up through the torso all the way through the head as the tailbone remains grounded, imagining your spine as the “staff”. Breathe deeply. Hold this posture for one minute, continuing to reassess the engagement in your legs and torso.  Try adding a weight (a heavy pillow works great) onto the tops of the legs at the hip crease (avoid any pressure on top of the knees) to help keep the thighs engaged and grounded. 

Slowly release the posture and come away from the wall, take a deep breath and get going with the rest of your day. Yep, thats it, one minute — one solid minute— spent engaging the body and focusing the mind. We promise this will help boost your energy and mental focus. We dare you to take this minute for yourself every afternoon and see how it shifts your energy, we’re doing our best to take on our own challenge. Hit us up on instagram and let us know how you’re doing. Let’s motivate each other!

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