Cucumber Lemon + Basil Popsicles

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Summertime is upon us and things are definitely heating up. Afternoon slumps are an issue for us, especially in the heat. Some days it’s hard to muster enough energy to make food and the thought of actually eating doesn’t seem appealing. This is when we reach for easy, convenient foods that don’t require heat, right? Leave the guilty snacks in the cupboard and head to the freezer. You know where I’m going with this..  Popsicles! What’s not to like about these frozen treats? The best part about making your own is having fun with the flavor combinations and this one does not disappoint. Forgo your typical berry blend for something more interesting and, dare we say, adventerous.  The cucumber is mild and refreshing, the lemon tart and cheery and the addition of the sweet and savory basil takes it to the next level.  Don’t wait to make these, jump on it because you know you’ll be wishing you had one tomorrow when that afternoon slump hits and you’re looking for the perfect pick-me-up.


2 cucumbers, peeled
juice from 1 lemon
handful of basil leaves
2 tablespoons maple syrup
1 cup water for blending



Simply blend until everything is fully incorporated and then evenly distribute throughout popsicle molds. Place a popsicle stick into the center of every mold and place in the freezer until completely frozen, about 1-2 hours. Pop one out on hot afternoons when you need to refresh and hydrate!

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