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New mama celebration

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Maybe we are just more aware of it but it feels like everyone is having babies right now. With all the showers and parties beforehand it feels like the baby may have everything it could need and more. But what about Mama? The days, weeks, hell let’s be honest, the first few months following the birth of a child are chaotic! There’s a mix of emotions, hormones, and some serious changes happening for everyone! Having friends stop by and visit can either feel really helpful or challenging. We are huge fans of homemade, simple and practical gifts. So, today we are arming you with all you need to put together a care basket for your new Mama friends that’s as helpful as it is thoughtful. Its hard for new Mamas to get time to take care of themselves, so this basket is full of ideas to help her feel healthy, calm and special. 

Let’s talk nourishment — sure, meals are really helpful if you’re up for it but small, simple snacks are the winner and something a nursing or sleep deprived Mama can munch on any time of the day. We put together a simple mix of nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate that’s high in good fats, omegas and natural sugars to keep energy up and hunger pains down! Fresh fruit, especially berries and stone fruits are also great additions, helping with constipation (yep, that happens!). 

Tea! They are so many great benefits to tea it’s not hard to choose the right one for your basket. We love any type of herbal, bedtime tea to help calm Mama. Some combinations of tea are especially helpful for new Mamas. Fenugreek is helpful for those Mama’s whose milk hasn’t come in yet or who are having a hard time with their supply. On the other hand, peppermint is helpful for decreasing milk supply if engorged, or wanting to dry up the supply. If you’re not sure what your friend may need, you can steer clear of these herbs and stick to chamomile, lavender, or raspberry leaf (super helpful for those afterbirth uterine contractions, yes that happens too!). We love the “Harmonize” tea from Pukka Herbs which blends rose, vanilla and chamomile for a calming and delicious cup that’s safe for everyone. 

Now lets talk beauty — for months Mama’s body has been home to a growing person and now that person is here! Yay! But now Mama is feeling unlike herself, with no time for the beauty routine she may be used to. For a while its all sweat pants and supportive, easy tops (especially of nursing). So how can you help your friend feel like the beautiful woman she is? We like to include our homemade bath salts and oil blends! You can also buy them but they are so easy and fun to make and you can customize them to your friend’s needs and personality. Our Uplifting Oil Blend is perfect for helping Mama wake up from the fog after a long and restless night with the new babe. You can also try lavender which is calming to both baby and Mama.

Just for fun! We like to add a magazine in our gift baskets — especially ones that have nothing to do with Motherhood (what? yeah, its okay to get five minutes to think of something other than milk, diapers and babies). So grab your friend’s favorite or pick up a new one like Sweet Paul Magazine that’s full of colorful, delicious inspiration! We also like to add a (mini) bottle of champagne or rosè for that celebratory feeling (she can always save it if she’s not ready for it just yet).

So, there you have it.. a thoughtful, yummy basket of goodies any new Mama would be stoked to receive. Remember to keep it simple and easy.. and have fun with it! 

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